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Emerald Earth LLC is a licensed and certified nursery with the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture #8482 located in the Appalachian mountains in Nantahala National Forest WNC.  We  specialize in the propagation of native, endangered and medicinal plants and trees and go beyond organic practices by working with the models of permaculture and biodynamic gardening which are  much more enjoyable and rewarding in comparison to conventional farming.  No pesticides, herbicides  or synthetic fertilizers have ever been used on our land in the past 10 + years of our stewardship.  

Currently  we are growing an abundance of different species of Comfrey for permaculture farming.  This is one of our most popular plants which many have been using for making green manure as well as a great natural tiller.  Our True Comfrey is used for making skin ointments and fodder for our chickens.  We are in the process of adding new native and medicinal species and hope to have them for sale in a year.  Many we are propagating from seed from plans from our land which are in limited supply.  Please keep checking our updates!  

****Ginseng update:  Permits for collecting ginseng are currently suspended for the next few years due to critically low numbers in the forest.  We are now required to have certificates for our wild simulated grown ginseng.  Your plants will come with certificates stating they originated from a licensed grower. ****

 Our goal is to eventually acquire  biodynamic certification since we do not use any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers whatsoever.   We are also currently applying for a native plant  conservation certification.  Our vision is to eventually transform Emerald Earth into a botanical gardens where we can educate the local community on the importance of cultivating natives as well as sharing the beauty and inspiring others who wish to follow a similar path.****

***We never have nor, will use any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers in anything that we grow.  Currently, soil amendment requires more than the ersatz criterion of the present, USDA Organic Certification process. Our company policy of clean gardening and diversity-expanding practices leads us up the biodynamic and permaculture pathways.  Email us today if you have any questions or, just wish to cheer us on for doing what we'd rather being doing anyway.***

Our services also include non conventional landscape practices with the focus being on native garden creations.  We have been transforming conventional landscapes back to the native scape, creating spaces which attract native pollinators, hummingbirds and other native birds and animals.  Please inquire within if you are interested in a consultation which will include a visit to your land, plant identification and a possible landscape plan.  We look forward to beautifying your land!  



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